Multiple drafts in trash

Hi Gary,

Been looking around but do not seem to find the correct setting. I would like emclient to autosave my emails in drafts as I compose them, but I would want to avoid accumulating in trash all these drafts as I compose the email. Is there a way to do this?

At the moment I have unticked the autosave option in emclient so that multiple drafts of the same email do not accumulate, but ideally i would like to have the security that my emails are being saved automatically, at least every 3 minutes, in case my laptop crashes (or even instantaneously just like gmail webmail does it, every time to type a few words in the email…). Any settings I need to do on Gmail webmail account, by any chance? 

Many thanks for your help.


Having the same problem in 8.2

Having the same problem in 8.2.1473 on Windows 10.

Please can you fix this bug. Like the others, I want the autosave behavior in case my laptop crashes during the middle of a large email. Everything in the several years old thread is still happening at least to me.


I am having the same issue with latest em client version 9.2.1735. I can confirm that this is a recent issue that I never had before. (maybe from last update)

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Me too. Is there a way that you can UPDATE the draft message instead of deleting and creating a new one?

Yes, open the message in the Draft folder and edit it. When you are finished, either send it, or close it. If you close it without sending, the message in the Draft folder will be updated.

But are you sure you are posting to the correct topic? This one is about multiple draft messages in the Trash folder. You can’t edit messages in the Trash, sorry.

Yes. What I mean is “can emClient UPDATE the draft message instead of deleting and creating a new one”. I’m seeing what everyone else is seeing. As I have an email open and work on the draft (which can sometimes take hours) the last draft message is sent to the trash bin and a new draft version is saved to drafts. This means that 1) there are a gazillion drafts in the trash and 2) that the conversation view of a message displays ALL draft versions. I’ve had to turn of conversation mode due to all the confusion.