Multiple Drafts are beings saved on gmail account

Hi, I think this might be an old issue but I somehow still have it. Maybe it has not been fixed?
When I write a long email multiple draft are being saved on gmail account. These drafts are not visible neither on emclient nor in gmail, but they are all visible on my android gmail app. I have to remove them all one by one to get rid of them. No other way to do it.

As I have seen similar issues with many clients, the solutions there were that you could simply disable IMAP drafts folder and start saving your drafts to local folders which did not seem to be very reasonable however acceptable enough to continue using the software. But somehow I cannot find a way of saving drafts to local folders. If it is not possible to get rid of the reason why the draft messages stay in Android, maybe someone could kindly assist on how to start saving drafts locally?

Many thanks!

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I face this problem as well. It does not cause too much trouble, but I have to clean up those concepts in gmail once in a while. 

Yes, Jan… Thanks for confirming this. It is good to know that I am not alone with this… It would be really nice to get some feedback from the emclient team, if possible! Looking forward to it.

I also have this problem with an imap account that is not gmail…

I’m on V7 Beta 2, and under Settings:Mail:Compose, there’s a checkbox for enabling/disabling automatic saving to the Drafts folder. If you uncheck the option, your drafts will no longer be saved.

I know that in V6, a similar option was available too, but I don’t have V6 installed on my machine, so I can’t tell you where to find it in that version.

If you go to Google’s Gmail Products Forum, you’ll see countless posts from folks complaining about this problem. It’s obviously a bug (or a feature, if you’re on Google’s side) that is plaguing many people using many different email client applications.

LMG, it is interesting to know that it is not only gmail who have this issue.

Andy, thank you for the response. I guess this is the only possible solution up until now if one does not want to take time manually deleting all the drafts from gmail android app. It is quite strange that there is no software option to save drafts locally though…

I wonder if anyone could shed some more technical light on the actual reason of program.