Multiple downloads of POP3 email after restoring database

I did a backup of my local database (POP). Then I restored the backup on newly installed eM Client. Now the whole inbox starts downloading each time I open eM Client.

How to stop downloading mails which I already downloaded? Is there any history of download associated with database?

I don’t want to delete my old emails on the mailserer, nor do I want to relocate them from Inbox to another folder of mailserver. 

I always leave a copy on mailserver.

There should be a record of what was downloaded, otherwise the client would continuously download the Inbox all the time. Usually a restore will contain this data.

Could be a bug in eM Client. What version are you using Anton?

Thanks for answering.
The eM Client version is 7.2.36775.0 (the last available).

The Inbox has been dowloaded to the end, I deleted duplicates and have no problems now.
Still the next time I restore I will have the same issue, I guess.

It’d be nice to know if the issue is due to Microsoft mailserver which I use, or due to eM Client missing history of downloads.

It should only download new messages that it has not downloaded since the backup, but if you find yourself in the same situation again where you need to do a restore, disconnect from the Internet/network before you do the restore then once it is done move all the Inbox messages to a temporary folder. After re-connecting to the Internet/network, if eM Client downloads the whole Inbox again, then at least you will have the old ones separate.

Thank you! Will try next time.

Btw, I found out that Gmail mailserver has this special setting for POP download.
This setting can prevent downloading old mail for clients which do not understand what they are downloading.

Yes, that Gmail setting is interesting. All read, unread and even un-downloaded messages previous to applying that setting will not be downloaded. As soon as you change it to the option above, it will download anything that is not in the client database, or at least that is how it is supposed to work.