multiple copies in sent box using android gmail

I use Em client (version 7.1.3…) recieving from and senting to a gmail address. When I write a longish email using em client on my computer  I get multiple versions of the sent email in my  android gmail app. It seems to capture  the email  about once a minute as I write, so in the first  copy  just as a few sentences, then the next copy is a bit longer and do on until the email is sent.  These multiple copies do not appear in my on-line gmail account and do not happen if I write an email directly from gmail in my web browser. This problem started some time ago and has been annoying me. An email string comprises of one email to me then load of copies of my reply each at a different stage of being completed then a response from  my correspondant and another 10 versions of my reply to that… all advice gratefully recieved