Multiple calendar issues

I’m new to eMClient and I found it very good, congrats for your product.
However I’m experiencing some issues with my calendars
Every account has the main calendar named “Calendar”, this is very annoying…I cannot rename it
whether it is a google account or office 365.

I removed the Birthday calendar from the web Outlook account , however eMClient keep synchronizing it even if I remove it

Highlighted in yellow are some Office shared mail…how can I rename the accounts?

Thanks in advance

The Blue Calendar is the default calendar provided by your calendar service. You can’t rename it.

The Green birthdays calendar is a calendar generated by your calendar provider from your contact’s birthdays. If the server says it is there, eM Client will display it. You will need to ask the calendar provider how to disable it. When that is done, right-click on the Calendar folder for that account and choose Properties > Repair > Repair. That will resync the calendar from the server and display only those folders the server says are there.

The Yellow folder names are supplied by the Exchange server. You can’t rename them.

Ok thanks for the info ,
Should I create a feature request?
seems something achievable to me if the provider name is used a sort of ID and the label is actual filled by a sort of alias.
Thanks in advance