multiple address books

I have just transferred 4 different address  books from MS Outlook 2007 to eM Client. At first they opened up correctly separated. They have now been incorrectly merged as one. Is it possible to maintain separate address books in eM Client?? Grateful for advice.

Hello Miles, not completely sure what you’re referring to, can you make a screenshot of the issue? How did you import your data to eM Client, did you use the built-in import feature from Microsoft Outlook?

It is possible to maintain different address books in the application, just create a new folder by right clicking your account in the left pane or local folders. In case you’re importing local data, you should be able to select to which folder you want to import the data into…

Hi Paul
Tksvm your quick reply. However, I finally worked out how to persuade MS to unlock Outlook 2007 with which I am familiar and does everything I want, so I will stay with devil I know.