Multiple accounts for one domain?

I have several emails with the same domain name. They are all dumped in the same “Local” folder.
Is the re a way to have them all as separate accounts? like Gmail, AOL, Hotmail etc.?
Thank you

That depends on how the account is setup on the server. If it is a catchall account, that means that all addresses at the domain will go to a single Inbox.

You will need to contact your provider and ask them to create separate mailboxes for each address, or you may be able to do that yourself through a control panel on their web interface.

Otherwise you can create Rules in eM Client to automatically move messages sent to each address to a separate sub-folder of your inbox.

Some catchall users want POP accounts that never fetch. The Fetch is handled by the root account, but we want separate sending identities using the same domain. Emclient does this for us if we reply. But when drafting a new email it is hard.

Really just want an account that does not fetch. Outlook Express managed this 20 odd years ago?

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Hey @mckenzm

Dependant upon your ISP it is possible to configure POP & IMAP with selective catchall, I know that this a contradiction but is possible, I used it on a need to know basis on a variable selection of accounts out of in excess of 250. As @Gary says you sort mail locally with Rules if needed.
You can setup Aliases in eMC that will allow you to send from specific identities using the same Domain if you have this permission.

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OK, so the key word or feature is “Aliases”.

I have already been doing this for years so my ISP is fine. I only want SMTP as I will always receive using the core logon. I personally do not filter but for spam/dead values.

One of the major reasons for doing this is the ease of burning the email when it is compromised, as well as the ability to identify the leak.

I am not sure that “Aliases” give me control over SMTP fields other than FROM:

Thank you though.