Multiple accounts "Authentication failed" problem


I am considering to switch to eM Client: I tried to add my email accounts, but half of them end with an “Authentication error” - this happens both with an exchange account of my employer as well as an office mail on an own domain by a small hoster.

I have checked out all different security protocols/port combinations. In other mail clients everything works fine.

How can I solve the problem?


For the Exchange account it is because your email provider no longer accepts username/password logins to their server. Please see our Blog entry on this.

If the own domain is also hosted on Exchange, then it will be the same issue.

Hi Gary,

I have already read the blog post. The domain is not hosted on exchange. My exhange account is accessible with simple user/password by every other mail client. I am not redirected for oauth when setting up the account nor could i find a possibility to manually do so.

What should I do next?

Best, Gunnar