MSN user can't send to emclient user

My neighbor who uses is constantly rejected when emailing me. I have checked my blacklist and do NOT have accidentally blacklisted. HELP!!

Can you provide what error message he is getting? What version of emClient you are running? Version of OS and etc. so the group can try to help. Thanks so much.

@Thomas_White check in your ISP mailbox filtering that you haven’t blocked his email address.

What is ISP mailbox filtering and how do I check it??
I have already determined the MSN sender’s address is not on Blacklist.

@Thomas_White To check for ISP mailbox blacklist filtering you will need to contact your ISP via phone or email to advise how to do that in your actual mailbox. Tell them the issue. Sometimes they have faqs / help docs on their website too on the subject. Every ISP mailbox filter configuration is different.

The other reason you may not be receiving email from a specific email address is eg: if your ISP has blacklisted that domain for (spam) reasons. Sometimes a specific user at a domain is spamming other users at domains, so isps can block other domains till the spamming is resolved. So your ISP can also check on that as well.

If your ISP mailbox filtering has not blacklisted the specific email address & your ISP has not blocked the other domain and you haven’t blacklisted the email address in Emclient, then there must be a eg: mail routing / sending issue between the other ISP & yours. In which case, the sender will need to contact their ISP to sort out the issue.

In the meantime ask the sender to try emailing you from an alternate email address and see if that gets through. They can setup another free email address like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc if they don’t currently have an alt one.