msn email how to configure

My OS is win 7 prof 64 bit and I have just downloaded the eM Client, but I cannot seem to configure my free version of the msn email.  I always get the authentication failed error even though the password has been typed correctly.  Has anyone had any success in this.  thank u.

Hello, I believe we have answered this question on our facebook page, hope you were able to setup the account with eM client and that you’re not experiencing any other issues.

I have exactly the same problem as Jegajothy, but you may call me a dinosaur but I don’t do Facebook! Could you send me the full solution through the forum or by e-mail. Thanks.

Hi Richard,
I’m afraid this is too old a question to find back on the facebook page, could you tell me more about your problem? Is there any error message? Can you login to your webmail through Internet Explorer for example? Have you tried the manual setup instead of the automatic one? (in Tools > Accounts > New Account > Mail > Outlook or Other)

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Hi Olivia - Yes I have tried both Manual and Automatic Set-Up with the same result. I am trying to configure my “msn” email address (pre Hotmail Microsoft address, which works fine on The folders are set-up correctly, so emClient is recognising the address and I have entered the password accurately. However, no messages are downloaded when the system attempts to sync the folders. I just get a message saying “[AirSync] An attempt to connect to ??? failed. This could be caused by temporary server unavailability or incorrect settings. Do you want to check the settings?” Well, I have checked the settings and they appear to be correct. As far as I know the server is not unavailable. So please advise how I set up this account. Please note that I have set up my Gmail account successfully.

Thanks Richard

Hi Richard,
can you try setting up the account manually as IMAP? Use the New Account > Mail > Other option.


Olivia - tried that, including using “Fix” option on Diagnostics Tab. SMTP is OK, but IMAP will not set up. I’ve double checked and I’m definitely using the correct account details. PC is on Windows 10, and I do have “msn” address set up successfully on the default Mail app. Any more ideas?


Hi Richard,
are the error messages different now? Could you copy the content of the log tab (Tools > Operations > Log) when the account fails to connect?


Olivia - The error message is the same with the exception that it has [IMAP] at the beginning rather than [AirSync]. I could send you the log, but I am reluctant to copy my e-mail addresses to an open forum like this. If you could give an e-mail address to send it to that would be fine.

Thanks - Richard

My work address is

Just for future references, the problem was that the IMAP server was not active; the one that works is