"msg://..." links are not working

Hi! I just installed eM Client - that is wonderfull! But if I try to open a link from the e-mai, which starts with “msg://…” so it doesn`t work! If the link stats with "http://…"; - it works perfectly! For example this link is not working: “msg://9c482008-f2bc-412c-8795-21147fd56af2/safelink(cc0692dd-649b-4c78-905e-12091aaecb37):http://email.change.org/mpss/c/9wA/3CE/t.1wa/IKXKd82LRtiY84FXWIYNnw/h2/KLcqj6mm2DNwtPZFTP391pmkqcRHb…

How can I fix this problem?

Thank you in advance!


can you open a message with a link like this one in it and forward it as attachment to rust@emclient.com?
Add a link to this forum topic in it so I can get back to you.


I’m having the same problem. Was this resolved?

Particullary. Now almost all links are working, but some still not…