MS Teams meeting invitation not added to default calendar


I recently started trying en Client (coming from MS Outlook) to see if it’s adequate for me needs and so far it’s looking good
However I found a feature that is missing and may be a deal breaker for me

When I receive a MS Teams invitation on Outlook (on my work, non-gmail, email account), and I accept the invitation, the meeting gets automatically added to my (Outlook) calendar.
I’ve set up em Client with two accounts, my personal Gmail account and my work account. Only the Gmail account allowed me to include the Calendar feature. I wasn’t able to add a calendar for my work account (is it possible on em Client for a non-Gmail account?) So when I receive a MS Teams meeting invite on my work account, I’d like em Client to add it to my Calendar. However, that is not happening. I can accept the invitation and the person who sent it gets a reply, but the meeting is “lost”, not added to any calendars. Is this a feature or a bug?
Is there any way to have MS Teams meeting invites automatically added to my calendar on emClient? Or do I have to manually add them to my calendar?
If the latter, I’m afraid I won’t be able to keep using em Client as I receive a lot of meeting invites for MS Teams

Thanks in advance for any help or hints on how to achieve this