MS Mail Connection Failed

I have a client running emClient V9.0.1708 under Windows 7. emClient is configured to access two mailboxes, one at Microsoft and one at GMail. As at time of posting, access to the MS account has stopped working and emClient report ‘Server responded “”’ or some such. GMail still works fine.

We have accessed MS mail using a web browser successfully, (and also using a mobile phone,) so we are confident the credentials are correct and have not changed.

We have tried disabling the A/V and this made no difference.

Looking back through these forums, we seem to be experiencing similar issues to some reported in approx. 2021 with something called “oAuth” at MS.

Could this be a recurrence of a similar issue…?

Can you try using your app password, rather than your account password.

You can generate an app password in your Microsoft account settings page, if you don’t have one already.

Thank you for your interest.
I appreciate that this is a “Microsoft” thing rather that emClient, but my client does not seem to have any options (at MS) to generate an app password. FYI: She is not using two factor authentication.
Also, FYI: We’ve been notified by MS of “suspicious activity” on her account, so have been in and changed her MS password. All other platforms (phones, tablets, OWA, etc.) have resynced OK, but emClient is still saying ‘server says “”’
I have captured the emClient log if it’s of any help.
Incidentally, I noticed another ticket (here at emClient) from someone else reporting the same symptoms.

I tried using a different mail programme (Thunderbird) on my client’s computer and it experienced the same issue,

After some research and conversation with my client, it transpires at about the time my client started to experience issues, my client had received a notification from MS of “suspicious activity” on her hotmail account emanating from the USA and she had responded to the report by blocking that suspicious activity.

When I looked into this report, the “suspicious activity” was being transacted from an IP address belonging to MS in Redmond (USA) despite my client being UK based.

We managed to get into the clients MS profile, force a further “suspicious activity” report, but tell MS to “trust” it. At which point, after about 30 minutes, Thunderbird started to work, though sadly emClient remains blocked.

So my client has decided to continue using Thunderbird. (Albeit that so doing means she looses the ability to synchronise Contacts across platforms) and abandon emClient. I am sorry to report my client also thinks Thunderbird “looks nicer.”

I have no idea why my clients connection attempts appear to be emanating from MS in Redmond USA (as far as the security mechanism at the hotmail servers are concerned) rather than seeing her true location in the UK. I can only guess that some weird proxying or NAT is happening up at MS which is confusing their systems.

Hopefully this narrative/conjecture may assist the diagnosis of anyone facing such issues in the future.