MS Edge blank screen

When trying to read the forum with MS Edge I just get a blank screen. Anyone have a idea why or a fix if you do know why.

martes 14 marzo 2023 :: 0809hrs (UTC +0100)

I do not know of any specific reason - I use the latest version of Edge.
Have you tried with an alternative browser?
Are you using a VPN?

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Thanks for the reply. It works fine with Brave browser. I do have a VPN but have tried it with it both on and off with no change. I also am using the latest version of Edge with Windows 11

When trying to read the forum with MS Edge I just get a blank screen.

When in Edge, go to help / about and make sure you have the latest version of that browser. It should automatically update if it’s outdated.

If you already have the latest version of edge, try then completely clearing the cache, cookies and data and any plugins etc from edge via either the menu top right, or (in edge browser setting), and then (reset to defaults) and then see if it works.

Failing that try removing your local edge profile. See Microsoft site how to do that.

Lastly you might need to uninstall and reinstall Edge if all else fails. See the Microsoft web site on how to do that.

Sounds like some current edge setting or cookie or plugin / extension or edge local data profile problem that is causing the problem.

I personally can see / view the forum fine with the latest edge chromium and Windows 11.

Thanks much, I did a reset and it fixed it. I went over settings a bunch of time and did not see anything out of place. I must have missed something.

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