MS 365 integration

When I am subscribing to a calender of a team colleague within out MS office world, the calender is name “Calender” in the category “Other calenders”. Which means that I don’t know the identity of the person that has shared the calender with me.

Rather than discplaying “Other calenders” it should say “USER XYZ Calenders” or something similar

Set up:
We are using Microsoft 365 Business Standard on a Win10 Surface.

You may have an option (like in Google Calendar) online for Shared calendars where eg: after adding another persons shared calendar to the Google Calendar online , you can then “rename the calendar” online and that then reflects the same shared name in eM Client.

So check in your Online Calendar “where you added the shared calendar”, if there is a rename option. If you cannot find to dbl-check, suggest to ask on the Microsoft 365 & Office forums or contact Mirosoft if you have paid support - Results in Microsoft 365 and Office - Microsoft Community