For every paste the font size changes from normal size to big to bigger while composing an email though my free version em client version. Can you answer to

At the time of copy-paste while composing an email, the original font changes and lines get broken up after sending emails when i look them in sent box. The recipients also complaining me that they are receiving our emails with broken lines… Is this because of free version em client, we’re using. Can you answer to

Are you pasting the text from a (Non EMClient) program into EMClient ?

As if you paste text into a compose or reply emclient window from another program, most of the time (i find) the font will change in the sent box even though it looks ok before you send it.

This happens because there is many differant versions / types of fonts and even though they have the same name and size, they don’t allways look the same in differant email clients when sent.

So once i have pasted the text, i select the entire text message in the email and select a font and size. Then when you send it, you will allways then get the fon’t / size etc correct in the sent box.

It’s happening while I’m copying and pasting the text from same EMClient program (compose page) into EMClient (compose page)

Ah ok. What version of EMClient do you have ?

please see from above how the lines are breaking up after saving in draft box or after sedning in sent box

That example text looks like it has some sort of (None Standard Formatting in it) as though it was originally from another eg: Webpage or Program outside of a mailer. 

Copy (your example text) and paste it into eg: Windows Notepad (which will remove the formatting), and then paste that into a new EMClient Compose window. Then send that to yourself to see if then looks ok in your sent box and your inbox.

I suspect there is a eg: hidden format problem in the font that needs stripping out.

You can also Paste as text , or Ctrl+Shift+V , which will paste without formatting.

thanks a lot for your reply.
Dear Sir, like _ _I wrote, it’s happening within my em client.
I pre-prepared some saved messages in my DRAFT box in order to use as template.
I copy texts from my saved message i.e. from previous DRAFT message and use those copied texts to paste on the body of REPLY to some other email I received through em client.
After applying this paste process, the output of sent email shows broken lines or font changing states

There are different ways to add pre-formatted text to your new emails. eM Client has some built-in features especially for this. Maybe you could try them and see if there is any difference rather than copying formatted text from a draft.

  1. Templates
  2. QuickText

You will find information in the Help File (F1) under Settings > Templates or QuickText. You will find that these save you a lot of time as opposed to copy and paste from your drafts.