Mr John Hicklin

Got my  Activation Key what do I do with it?

Go to: eM Client licensing system at: and follow the instructions.

It’s strange, but when I click on that link all I get is a page to download Silverlight.  I get the same when I go to and click on their Support to get the pull-down item, License Manager.  Doesn’t matter which browser I use, either - Chrome or Edge. 

Perhaps it’s just my computer but it is more likely that others running Windows 10 with the latest version of Silverlight already installed will have the same problem.  I do own a copy of eM Client 6 Pro that is licensed - perhaps that affects the page I see from the License Manager menu item in eM Client’s Support tab? 

My system is running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit with the most current version of Silverlight installed.  I checked my Control Panel but first tried to install the newest version directly from Microsoft, and they informed me that it was already installed on my computer.

I believe you first install the program and then click on the Help menu, then License, where you can put your license in to activate eM Client.  You might also be prompted for a license during the installation process.  

So, if you already installed the program and skipped past entering a license key, just click on the Help menu and then License to input it.