Moving to outlook

Hi. On one of my PCs I need to use Outlook for work where I currently used emClient as well. I just installed outlook and works fine, but only the mails in my inbox folder show up - all the subfolders I created on the emClient are excluded - where are these subfolders and all their mails stored on emClient and how do I access them in order for the mails to show up in my Outlook mail?

Hello Coenraad, unfortunately I’m not quite sure what kind of account setup you’re using with eM Client and Outlook, however if you’re using POP note that only your Inbox will be downloaded on new account setup, if you’d like to keep your items synchronised with the server and across your devices, please make sure that your accounts are using the IMAP protocol to synchronise with the server.

You can also export your data out of eM Client using the export feature in File > Export and import into Outlook.

Hope this helps,