moving to a new pc

Hi, I’m ready to move my email client to a new computer; how do I reactivate my EM license on the new installation?

Thanks all


First deactivate your license on your old computer and activate it with the same license key on your new one.

Hope that helps.


So, how do you deactivate it on the old PC?  And, if the old PC is gone at this point, how do you activate it on the new PC?

Menu - Help - License - below/left “Deactivate”. 

To activate on other client:                                   

  1. Start eM Client and click on Help in the top menu
  2. Select “License”
    The eM Client License dialog will appear.
  3. Click on “Activate”
  4. Copy/paste your activation key and click on “OK” button
  5. Your license now is registered and activated.