Moving old items into separate file/folder

I just installed em Client and imported my Outlook PST files. I have fiteen years history of business emails in these files broken down into years. I only connect to the old ones when I need to look back to that history. These files never get changed so they sit in an “archived” folder that I know never changes. Keeping these unchanging items in that archive significantly reduces my backup burden. Can I select old items out of em client and transfer them to another file/folder that only gets accessed when required?

Yes, you can export any part of your emails by simple drag and dropping to a folder.

That does not help because all the emails are still in a single directory on the drive.

Let me explain what I would ultimately like to do. Note : To be clear I will
use the term ‘folder’ to refer to a the folders created inside EM Client to hold different
types of emails, and ‘directory’ to refer to a directory in the computer storage.

1 : Select all emails prior to a certain date (irrespective of what local folder they
are in).
2 : Copy all those emails to an archive directory on the computer separate from the
directory holding the other emails, retaining the folder structure in the process.
3 : At some stage be able to open that archive directory and view the emails in there.

This would give me the capability to hold all my emails in separate storage based
on the year, and only hold the current emails in my working system. That would
make the system faster and also mean that I only have to backup the directory
holding the current emails because me archives will never change. I had this
capability in outlook by having multiple pst files that I only opened when required. It
is the only important function I used in Outlook that I have not been able to replicate
in EM client.

OK, thank you for clarification. I will add it to our list of feature requests.