Moving message with Rule or Manually removes Tag


My main email account is an Outlook account but I also have Gmail accounts.

I have multiple rules that set a Local Tag on outgoing Gmail when the Subject contains a specific phrase…and it works as expected.

I then added a step to the rule to MOVE the message to a subfolder under my Outlook account and it also works however; it REMOVES the tag.

I then tried manually MOVING the Tagged message from the Gmail Sent folder to the Outlook subfolder and again, the Tag is REMOVED.

Why is this happening and how do I prevent it?


sábado 23 julio 2022 :: 1922hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hey @John3

I had a similar issue, the Tag was not removed, it was not enabled.
In the particular sub-folder/s I needed to Configure the Columns.
Anywhere next to To/From/Subject etc:
Right Click ->Select Columns Configuration->
Select Tag In Left Popup and move to Right ->Adjust Position & Click OK

I do not know if this is your issue but it worked for me.

I would give you an image but all is in Spanish.

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Hey skybat,

Tried your suggestion and added the Tag column.

When the message is in a gmail Sent folder, it has the Tag…moving it to my Outlook sub-folder and tag turns to None.