Moving mail files and em client to new pc

Sorry for asking this if it’s already been posted.  My search came up empty.  I had em client on the laptop from my last company.  Got laid off and could only copy the entire EM CLIENT folder.  Was not able to log in has myself on the old PC so I couldn’t do the regular backup method.  I could only log on as admin.  I still have the pc with me though.  Based on that, can I reinstall em client on a different laptop and then retrieve the mail from the em client directory I fully copied?  I tried to import but could not find an .eml file.


I think I might have found a string to answer this.  It mentions installing em client on the new pc but not opening it after install.  Then copy some of the files from the EM CLIENT folder that I fully backed up form the old pc into the new EM CLIENT folder on the new pc.  Then open em client on the new pc and the mail should be there.

Does this sound right?   If so, which files do I copy from the back up of EM CLIENT into the new EM CLIENT folder on the new pc?  Just the dat files?   I looked at the backup dat files and they are not marked as READONLY.


Hi James, the easiest way to transfer your data from one computer to another is to create the backup from File > Backup and move this backup onto your new computer, if this is not an option, you can move the eM client folder from your local folder > App Data > Roaming > eM Client, to your new computer and move it to the same place (This is the default path to eM client’s directory, if you have moved the directory you can find out where it is by going into Tools > Settings > General > Storage).

If new instance of eM client without the database is opened, new database is automatically created, so you can just remove the eM client folder and replace it with the one you’ve hopefully managed to save from your old computer.

Hope this helps,

Thanks Paul.  Quick response!  I will try that asap and let you know.