Moving IMAP folders to Local can be very, very slow, or not. Why?

I’m trying to reduce a very large number of IMAP folders to just a few by moving them to Local Folders. I find this can take 5-10 min per folder whether the folder is empty or contains 20 emails. Then at another random time it’s instantaneous. 

I’ve experimented with closing eMC and opening fresh, making sure there is no other email up/download activity, etc. None of this matters, yet suddenly now the move is done before I lift my finger from the key.  I just did another one now after emptying the folder first and the msg “This could take a long time” is back, and it will take a long time.

Further when this is taking a long time and I look at eMC with Task Manager, it’s using only .2% of cpu cycles and the cpu is at 5-10% load.

I’m running v6.xxxx (latest v6).

What gives?  Any suggestions on how to speed it up?


I’m done with all my moves now, so mostly a moot point, but in the “interest of science”, I’d still like to understand the why and how of it all. Perhaps as the IMAP stuff became less things speed up???


Remember, that the host must be synchronized as well and maybe that is what is taking so long.  It also may explain the lack of CPU usage, as the work is being done on the server.