Moving from Outlook XP

Hi. I love eM Client, it works great, but I do have a question. When I transferred my files over from Outlook and set up my eM client account it automatically created a Local Files folder as well as the Global Folders file. All my subfolders that came over from Outlook have gone into my Local Folders file, but when I send emails the sent email goes into the Sent file in the Global Folders and not into the Sent file in the Local Folders even though they were written and sent under my Local Folders. Is there any way I can combime all my file folders in Local Folders with those in Global Folders, or vice versa so I don’t have to keep going back into my Global Folders file to clean out my sent emails? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

we will need more information about the issue. How did you transfer/import your Outlook mails and mail setting? Do you send your misplaced mail from IMAP or POP3 account?

Hi, Gerry,
Like you, I also love eM Client. I Imported all my files from Outlook Express using eM Client=> File=> Import.

Global, Pop3 and Local folders were created, but fortunately for me after cleaning all the rubbish out of the Global and Local folders I was able to use my pop3 folder only and hide the other two as shown in the attachment on my submitted question. However, I can only use the CONTACT button showing in the L/H panel if I check the Show Local folder box in Settings.