Moving emails to new account

At some point over the next year I’m going to need to move to a new account before my contract with the current provider expires.

I have a lot of information stored in various folders that I need to export to a new account. Is there a simple way to set up a second account and transfer all the emails/folders etc within eMClient or do I need to import everything, say via a GMail account.

Any guidance on the procedure if it’s possible would be good.

The best method is probably to move all the messages from your current account folders to Local Folders before your contract expires. If Local Folders aren’t visible you can enable them in Menu > Settings > General > Show Local Folders. Once you have removed the old account from eM Client and added the new one, you can move the messages from Local Folders to the new account folders.

Another option is to export all the messages using Menu > File > Export > Export emails to eml. You can select multiple folders and keep the folder hierarchy as well. Then when you have removed the old account, and added the new account, you can import the eml files back into eM Client.

Either way, it is important you do this before your current account expires.

Thank you for the advice. I am at the planning stages for this but that will allow me to do this fairly easily as I have many years of information in some folders that I need to keep.

Good morning Gary

I’m now getting close to the time where I have to make this transfer and am busy clearing all the old and no longer needed info from my current email account before moving everything to local folders.

One further question please. How do I transfer all the information in my calendar that is saved under my old account to the new account? Is there a simple process to do this?


While you still have the old calendar setup in eM Client, go to Menu > File > Export > Export Events to ics file. You will need to do Tasks as well.

When you have the new calendar setup, go to Menu > File > Import > iCalendar (.ics)

During the dialogue you can choose which calendar to import them to, so select the new one.

There are other ways, but I think that is the easiest.

A final question, I think.

I’ve successfully moved all my emails and calendar items.

Now the last thing is to ensure all the contacts I want to keep are moved. Can you suggest a simple way to do that as well please?

I think I managed to work this out using the export and import .vcf