Moving emails back from local folders

I copied many old emails back from my old computer and ended up with many duplicates. I used the deduplicator tool to fix that. but did not think through that em-client would be deciding which duplicate to keep and which to delete.

The upshot is that i have many emails in local folders now that i really would like in my web folders.

My question is, if i move the emails into the web folder, shoiud they be automatically picked up by Yahoo and saved. I have tried a couple of files and that does not seem to happen, i can still see the emails locally but not on Yahoo (and hence not synced to my phone). I have an IMAP account

I would be grateful for advice

You can choose in the final step of the Deduplicator which to keep.

Yes, if you move the messages to an IMAP folder, they will be uploaded to the server

Maybe there is some error. You will find it in Menu > Operations > Log tab. Look for an IMAP error for that account.

Gary, many thanks for your help,