Moving Email from Yahoo to Gmail

I have both my Yahoo and Gmail account setup with EM Client. When I tried to move emails from a sub-folder in Yahoo Mail to a sub-folder in Gmail, I ended up losing the emails. I cant find them on either accounts. Please help / advise.

How did you move them?

Are they visible in the All Mail folder? Did you try the search facility to find them?

Basically did a ‘drag and drop’ from Yahoo Mail Sub-folder to Gmail Sub-folder. Didnt find the emails in the ‘All Mail’ folder. When would it show up there versus the Sub-Folder? 

GMail actually only has three folders: All Mail, Junk and Trash. What appear to be folders are just labels. So when you move anything to GMail it will be moved to All Mail, and if it was previously in a sub-folder, it will now have a label to match the folder name. eM Client should display those labels as folders.

If you login to the web interface for your GMail account, can you find the emails?

I was able to find some of them on the Gmail directly - thanks for the advice! I appreciate it.