Moving Email = Deleting Email

I’ve just created few sub-folders under Sent and Inbox folder and moved some of my emails there. Initially, the emails were there in the sub-folders but now all the emails (moved ones) are missing. These emails are neither in main folders like Inbox and Sent nor in Sub-folders.

Is someone there who can sort it out and help me to locate the emails ?

can you please try to right click your Inbox folder and your Sent folder and select Properties > Repair, and click on the Repair button?
What version of eM client are you using? What mail service are you using? And are you using IMAP/Exchange or AirSync for receiving messages?

Thank you,

Hi Paul,

The issue was resolved once I restored the things… but the emails came up in main folders… to get them categorized, I have moved them to local folders. Thanks.

But now when i deleted one email by mistake and I see that’s not in trash either. So I restored my emails, but now my all emails in inbox (both local folder and IMAP folder) are gone.

Please help.

Hi, I’m not completely sure what’s the issue now, can you maybe make a screenshot of the issue? Are you able to see the emails on your server once you login into the webmail?

What version of eM Client are you using?

Thank you,