moving EM data from MacOS to Windows

I put all eM client data files (the whole directory) on an USB stick to use eM client on several systems.

  • Using several Windows PC’s this works fine.

  • Using it on a Mac this also works fine. BUT if I want to use the data again on a Windows PC system I got an error message saying: “the database on this computer was changed by a newer version of this program … try to update” After pressing UPDATE I got the error message “No update available”.

So it seems to me that it is possible to move eM files from Windows to Mac but not vice versa.
Is there any solution or workaround for my problem? (Backup & Restore didn’t work)
Will the be a solution in the future?

Because the Mac version is 7.2 it uses a different database format to what is used by the current Windows version.

Once they are on the same version, it will work. Until then, as long as you have the same account setup in both versions, you should have the same synced data.

thank you very much for the fast answer!
My problem are not the synced data but the “local folders”.
Do you have any information when the new version for Windows will be available?

No idea. When it is, it will be available for download at

Until it is available, you can always try the export option. Menu > File > Export.