Moving a Folder

I use POP3/SMTP. When I moved a folder (right clicked on the folder heading and selected MOVE FOLDER) from my Local Folders to the Root Directory (i.e. my name) for my account, the entire folder disappeared! Major panic. Could not find it anywhere. Right clicked on the Root Directory which presented a list which included a Show/Hide option. Clicking on that revealed a list of the sub-folders with Show or Hide against each folder. Guess what? My moved folder was hidden! Switched it to Show and all was well. But WHY did this happen? The folder was not hidden before I moved it.

I could not reproduce this, so it may have been fixed in later versions.

Hi Gary. Thanks for your message. I tried the same thing with another folder after I posted my original message and everything worked fine, so the first problem may just have been a “glitch”.