moved message duplicated in trash

When I move a message to a local folder, it also appears in the trash. That can be quite disconcerting as I am constantly having to check through the trash to see if important messages that appear in the trash have in fact been moved to a folder. I do not know if this ALWAYS happens, but I have tested it and found that in my tests, it does. I don’t know if there is a setting that might control this behavior. If there is, I haven’t fond it.

I don;t know what email system you are using, but there may be options with the provider that determines what happens.  I know there is with Gmail.

When I tested this with Gmail, the message goes into the local folders and shows nowhere else, which is what you would expect.  Please be aware, however, local folders are included in the smart folders.

It is Gmail. None of the “local” folders are smart folders (if that is even possible). The “Trash” is from my Gmail account, and since folders are NOT supported by Gmail, then the behavior must relate to the eM Client move function.  I checked in webmail for Gmail, and the moved message does appear in Trash on the web as well. It does not appear in the Gmail “All Mail” folder. I also checked settings both in the eM Client and in Gmail and I do not see anything that will explain this behavior.

As an aside is the “Category” in the eM Client equivalent to a “Lable” in Gmail? 

Also, I just now created a local sub-folder named “eM Client” under a primary folder named “Computer Stuff”. I then moved the auto-notification message which I received from this forum advising that there was I reply to my post (i.e. Jay Ogram’s post). That message does NOT appear in the trash after the move to the local folder. Whereas a message that I sent to my Gmail account earlier today from another email account and subsequently moved from the inbox to a local folder did and still does appear both in the local folder and in the Trash folder. So it is apparently not consistent.

I meant to add that the messages duplicated in Trash have a category of “none” as did the message that only appears in the local folder an not in Trash

Well, I spoke too soon. The message from the forum advising of Jay Ogram’s post (noted above) does now ALSO appear in Trash and the local folder.

Just to advise that the behaviour is still occurring and is consistent. Every Gmail email that I move to a local folder ALWAYS appears in the trash in my Gmail account in the eM client as well as in the local folder. I have turned off Conversations in setup and it makes no difference.

Jay, you said that with Gmail there is a setting that controls this behaviour. What/where is it?