Moved mails to local folders are deleted on POP3 Server

When I move mails from my inbox to local folders then they are deleted at the POP3 Server immediately. As my account settings are as follows I would have expected that they will stay at the server for 9 0 days. What do I need to do so that they remain on the server?

Thank you!

Maybe check with your provider. I know that some like Gmail have server settings to specify what happens to messages after they have been deleted on the client. Moving a message from the Inbox to another folder is the same instruction to the server as deleting it.

Thanks for the hint Gary!

Unfortunately it is not the provider. It is a bug of the em client. I made a test with Outlook. There it is a difference, if you move a message from the Inbox to another folder or to the ‘Deleted Items’. But the em Client does not make that difference.

I was not able to reproduce this with GMX, so I think it is your provider. What did they say?

One thing you can try is the version 8 beta which is available for download from the Release History. Maybe the behavior is different but I don’t think so because there is no difference between moving the message to another folder or to Trash. That is the same thing. The message is deleted from the Inbox in both cases, and POP3 only deals with the Inbox.

Maybe MS Outlook is different, I really don’t know as I have never used it.

Hi Gary, many thanks for looking into this and for your comments.

I describe again, what I did:

  1. Send 2 mails (Mail A and mail B) to your mail address.

2a. Receive them with a different mail client (in my case Outlook). Delete mail A, move mail B to a local folder. Restart Outlook (so that the ‘Deleted Items’ are emptied)

2b. Start em Client. Your inbox will show mail B (which is correct in my opinion).

  1.  Send 2 mails (Mail C and mail D) to your mail address.

4a. Receive them with em Client. Delete mail C, move mail D to a local folder. Restart em Client (so that the ‘Deleted Items’ are emptied)

4b. Start Outlook. Your inbox will neither show mail C (correct) nor mail D (which is not correct in my opinion)

Maybe you are right and I just should accept it. Although I regard the behaviour as wrong (and not just Outlook being different). Otherwise the statement/question in the setup "To delete from server, when deleted in “Deleted Items” would not make sense or was just unnecessary.

I tried this with GNOME Evolution as the second mail client.

2b. The Inbox in eM Client did not show mail B, because Evolution purged it from the server after moving it from the Inbox to a local folder.

4b. Which is exactly the same as my observation in 2b.

My understanding of Evolution is that if you have moved a message from the Inbox, it no longer exists on the server, so there is nothing for the next client to download, or for the server to keep for 90 days.

I guess that MS Outlook does things differently. :wink:

ok, yeah, I will live with it :). And thanks a lot for all your work here.