Moved Mail from trash gets missing

hello all.
warm greetings to you.

i mistakenly deleted a mail from my inbox and tried to move it back to inbox from trash.

the email left the trash as expected but cant be found in the inbox.
i have gone ahead to search all folders and using different search operators, 
i have contacted Gmail, and all help was abortive.

can i get suggestions on how to find this mail?
its really important.


Did you look in All Mail?

Thanks allot for checking the thread.

I certainly did.
All mail, checked the folders individually too… All folders.
I have tried to delete other mails and MOVE TO INBOX again and it goes into inbox right away.

I recall this question being asked before, but I could not find it on the forum. I know that when I tried to recreate the problem, I got the same result in that they were moved to the Inbox as expected.

A possibility is that they were moved to Local Folders, but I think that is unlikely. If you can’t see the Local Folders, you can enable them in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Show Local Folders.

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I felt really very close to a huge luck…
I only met the first mail I ever got when I started to use Em client.
No other mails in all its sub folders

I have this same exact problem.  I accidentally delete one (1) email.  I went to Trash and dragged it from Trash to Inbox.  Email was removed from Trash, but did not appear in Inbox.  Very frustrating as I now need to ask the sender to resend the email.

If you are using GMail, you can check in the All Mail folder.

Yes, corporate GMail.  I looked in all visible folders (online and local) and could not find the email.

Maybe the best solution is for you to open a support ticket and get feedback directly from eM Client Inc.

Obviously this issue has been around for “Years” does not just affect gmail accounts as my main mail is from Earthlink and I am having the file disappear from trash when I attempt to move back to inbox and when I search for it is nowhere to be found. Also having the emails sometimes show up in inbox and sometimes just in the all mail. This is a serious flaw as it makes your client unreliable and those of us who need email to keep everything running smoothly can no longer trust eM Client to handle our mail. Since I am just testing eM to see if I wish to purchase Pro I am glad I found this issue early in my experience. Gary has responded to these complaints numberous times but to date has not shown a reason or a solution that works consistently.

The solution that works consistently, and what you should do until this problem can be fixed, is to copy the message from Trash back to Inbox.  I am sure that eM Client Inc. is actively trying to fix these GMail issues. 

I did not know that Earthlink also used the All Mail model. But then that makes sense why you are having the same issues as GMail. The All Mail model only has three actual folders; All Mail, Trash and Spam. All your current messages exist in All Mail, but with labels that identify them as being in virtual folders you see in the email client as Inbox, Sent etc. When moving the message from Trash to a virtual folder like Inbox, sometimes the label is lost. In that case the message will only be found in the All Mail folder.

Exact same issue here as well. Emails do not appear in All Mail in the Gmail account either once they have been moved from Trash to Inbox in eM Client. “Copy to folder” is the only solution to avoid having them lost forever.