Move up list when deleting an item, rather than moving down

If you’re like me, and you catch up on e-mail after a little while, you start from the oldest and work to the newest.

In eM client, when you delete an item, the selection moves down the list (older message), so I think it would be good to have an option to change the direction, so it can move up to a newer message instead.

What do you guys think?


we do not plan this at the moment, but we can consider this if it will get enough requests :slight_smile:


I would definitely request this please. I read my unread mail in chronological order (logically, to keep email conversations in order and deal with issues in order of lodgement) rather than from the top of the list down, and moving up to the “next” or next unread email would save a whole lot of keystrokes and clicks for me.

Hello, next message will be opened based on your sorting method (e.g. sort by Newest/Oldest). If you’re viewing messages in a separate window, after removing the message, the focus will move down in the list based on where you’re focused at and based on your sorting method an older or newer message will be displayed.

In order to achieve this navigate to Tools > Settings > Mail > Read and make sure the “Close original message window after deleting the message” is unchecked in your application settings.


I’m a new user and also read email from oldest to newest. That’s been the default handling I’m familiar with for a couple dozen years, i.e., AOL -> Outlook -> gMail. I spent an hour looking through Settings to change this before coming here.

Please, just a choice for reading mail from Old to New & New to Old.

Agree that the user should have the choice in the Settings! I think Thunderbird does it automatically if you delete an eMail and then click on a newer eMail (higher in the list) and delete that one, as well, the next highlighted eMail will be newer one (higher on the list). (This assumes that you are sorting your eMails by date descending.)