'Move to Recent' or 'Move to Favourite' filing option

I see there are several requests for a “Move to recent” feature over the last couple of years. This is a great time-saver. I’ve seen this in most email clients I’ve used previously, such as Thunderbird and Postbox.

Could be implemented as either:

  1. A ‘Move to Recent’ option with an auto-updating list of the dozen most recently-used folders for quick selection; or

  2. A ‘Move to Favourite’ option with a customisable list of folders for quick selection.

Or both!

Add it below the “Move to Folder…” option in the mail item context menu.

It would be great to get this implemented!



:+1:Move to recent should be particularly useful

If you choose Move to Folder, immediately the recent ones are shown. You just select the one you want from that.