Move To - Quick Step

I haven’t seen this one brought up in a while so I thought I’d restart the trend. The only major downfall eM client has for my business is not being able to quick move an email into it’s appropriate sub-folder. I am in Real Estate so I have hundreds of sub-folders and being able to right click, highlight move to, and start to type in the subfolder name saves me a TON of time. 

The only reason I haven’t purchase a pro-license yet is this feature not being available. yet. Please…please…consider this in a near future update.

I think this is a great idea. You have my vote.

But even if a feature you would like is not there, hopefully you decide to purchase a license anyway and continue with eM Client after the 30 day trial period. :wink:

I likely will if it can prove that it can sync all my IMAP from my primary account. There are hundreds of files/thousands of emails. I can only archive every 6 months or so due to the length of time on these different Real Estate Transactions and needing a running record of emails per property. It is taking…a long, long time.