Move to folder - stays in Inbox?

The new 7 beta offers nice categories with Gmail support. But upon moving an email to a folder it stays in inbox. I have to manually categorize it as not in inbox. Previously, moving an email removed it from inbox. Will this be solved or is it on purpose?

yes, this is indeed a problem, but we are working on fixing it.


Thank you for a quick reply. Looking forward to the update :slight_smile:

Just upgraded from v6 to v7 today.  Disappointing it’s been 6 months and this bug isn’t fixed, and now I am also facing it.

I am also having this issue. Is there going to be a fix for it?

Edit: To be clear, I only have this issue when moving from a search. If I am just in the inbox, this issue is not occurring.

Correct me if I am wrong, but this has not been fixed, right?

No  It hasn’t been fixed…  :(  There was an em client update recently, and this didn’t change in that update…

Are you experiencing the issue when moving directly from the inbox or just when you search? My issue seems to be limited to moving messages after searching the inbox.

My problem is a defined “Search Folder” which includes Inbox folders.  It is not really a search, but more like a special “view” folder.

I am having the same problem. My version is 7.0.27943.0

I have only had this problem since recently updating from v6 to v7.

Same Issue