Move to folder - HERE'S what I want...

Easier just to show you a picture. What you see here is absolutely perfect. Nested menus - they pop open with the movement of the pointer. You can move a mail to any folder, anywhere with just one simple sliding motion.Easy, neat, elegant, REALLY a time-saver. The way eM Client has it now there’s a lot of stopping and scrolling. Of course you can slide from the list to a folder, but on a notebook that can be a clumsy operation. This can’t possibly be that hard to implement, and trust me, it’s better. Good luck.

Hi, eM Client works as designed and implementing this would take us time to implement or repair features which needs our attention more, so we do not plan to implement this in close future.


I think my suggestion of filling a popup menu with the 5 most recently used folders (to which e-mails have been moved) is probably much easier to implement and (hopefully) sufficient for most ‘e-mail moving actions’.

unfortunately it is not planned.