Move to archive

I right click on several messages >Move to Archive. Where did messages go?

I’ve too asked myself why archiving is to badly implemented and second why archiving only works with GMail accounts out of the box.

All other accounts do have to use a more or less manual archiving which is not very flexible in comparison to others email clients.

At least, from what I’ve read, the archiving database(s) now use dedicated files in the file system and do not influence the mail database.


I created a new folder in local folder and copied all specific messages received and sent in this folder. I hope they will stay there when there will be an eMClient update. I have to open my laptop to see if local folders are there also…

Of course, nothing on laptop. It was a dream.

That’s the way I do “archiving”, too, but this is not the best one and not the way I want it to work.

Of course there is, let’s say, built-in support for archiving, however, this is a very basic support and not the most comfortable one.

I would prefer auto-archiving to set up for parent folders of my various accounts, maybe for subolders, too, that should move old messages within a certain date range from the servers to local archive folders.The archiving folders should be named using templates that allow me to use e.g. month, year or calendar week folder names and mixed names, too.

Additionally, it would be perfect, if I can archive messages from local folders, too: Many of my e-mail rules already move messages from the server to specific local folders to sort/order them into e.g. categories or similar.

Those folders do grow very fast and contain older messages from years before, too. The auto archiving should be capable of moving those message from those folders to archiving folders, too.

…you know I was just dreaming about emClient version 12.4 so did for enhancements of rules… ^^

I think we have to live in dreams’ world :slight_smile: I want to archive specific mails. For example a project which lasted a few months and is finished. But I want to be able to find and read them easily. It’s ok on Computer on local folders, but not on laptop. May be copying something from computer database to laptop…but I’m not clever enough.

I’ve already set up an email server on my local NAS (Synology) with one account (IMAP)  just for archiving purposes. I do not want to store my messages somewhere in the cloud.

When trying to move local folders and messages to that NAS account some are moved, mostly, however, I get errors telling me that folder names with a slash cannot be created on that server. Of course, I do not have local folders with slashes or backslashes in my folders names.

Nevertheless, this has not be resolved or finally investigated by the developers so far. I even had a remote session with the first level support of emClient, to no avail either.

emClient works if you’re using it the way the developers want you to use it. If you are, however, leaving the given path or need features beyond those the standard user uses, you are completely lost. Most of the time the wishes are considered to be added in a future release. You can be sure this never happens.

I’m following this forum for a long time now also  I’m a emClient lifetime licensee for almost two years now and every new release did not bring really new features nor does the major release 7…

I won’t complaining if I’m a free license user, but I’ve paid for this software and moved from Thunderbird to emClient to get better support and new features for the time Thunderbird disappears or its development stalls one day.

I get the impression the the development of emClient already stalled, too. We get cosmetic upgrades of the UI and that’s it. Under the hood nothing happens for years now.

I agree with you. I’m not complaining. I’m happy to use eMClient from years, but some additional features would be a must.
I have also a local NAS Synology, but I don’t know how to use it. I use it only for music :slight_smile:

Synology is a perfect NAS. I too use it for music, file storage, backup of course, with an external USB harddisk attached to the NAS

I’m running a CalDav and CardDav compatible server (Baikal) on that machine, that makes me independent of GMail, Outlook or any similar hosted solution somewhere in the wild. My Android devices synchronize their contacts and calendars with Baikal so does emClient and my entire family. This runs perfectly well.

Nevertheless, I need more power features within emClient, that I’m urgently missing for months if not years now. No approvement in sight…

I cannot follow you, I don’t know Baikal and I’m not able to set all these things :slight_smile: :frowning:

Sorry for my long posting and my explanations. I just wanted to tell you that I love my Synology and my in-house hosted calendars that I simply do not want to share with Google and the rest of the world :wink:

I’m glad to read your explanation. But I’m sad I cannot learn too many things :slight_smile:

the Move to Archive feature is tied to Gmail’s archiving feature, which removes the Inbox label and keeps the message in All Mail folder only. So message Archived this way is still on Google’s server and under your account.

Archiving to local folders manually removes the message from your mail server and keeps a copy in your current device ONLY. It is no longer synchronized to the Internet and is stored in your computer. So it cannot be accessed from other devices.


I think it will possible to copy local folder from data base of my computer to laptop data base. I hope :slight_smile:

If you need to access these mails from both devices, it might be better to not keep them locally at all.
I’d suggest creating a folder called Achive directly under your mail account and moving your messages there to keep them synchronized.


Thank you. Doing so I do not clear space. I should create 4 folders and keep them on gmail.
I prefere to copy local folder from one device to the other.