Move Rule Copies Instead Of Moving - eM Client 9.1.2109 (9967b3)


I have an Outlook account with the following rule:

After message has been sent
with ‘Project Update’ found in subject
move to Project Update
and stop processing other rules
and set tags ’ ! ’

The rule COPIES the email instead of MOVING it to the Project Update folder and leaves a copy in the Sent folder.

Any idea why?


I have created a rule according to what you posted, and my result DID NOT leave the message in the SENT folder.


Perhaps you might want to delete the rule and recreate it.

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That is because your server creates the message in your Sent folder.

When you click Send eM Client will move the version of the sent message it has to the specified folder, and then immediately your server will create its own copy in Sent.

Hey Gary,

Didn’t think of that…thanks!