Move message to folder - persistent setting as MRU list?


some e-mail clients, e.g. Thunderbird, do memorize the last few folders I’ve moved an e-mail to.

That means the context menu shows perhaps 5 up to 10 (customizable) last folders names where I’ve moved an e-mail to. Next time I don’t have to scroll through about 50 folders to pick the right one.

Would it be possible to implement a similar LRU/MRU list to the context menu?


Hi Mike, favourite folders are not currently supported in eM Client, however we’re considering adding the feature to future releases.
For faster navigation through the list of folders you can type the first letter of the folder you want to navigate to, the focus on the selection should automatically jump to that folder.

Hope this helps,

Thanks Paul for your reply!

Don’t know if favourite folders are exactly what I’ve asked for, at least in this context. If you mean a favourite folder to pin at the left side panel for quicker navigation, that’s OK, too, of course.

What I meant is to not search for a target folder each time I would like to move a message from one folder to another one via the a message’s context menu.

Your suggestion for faster navigation is what I’m currently using, however, there is a big disadvantage: I’ve got about 10 accounts with various subfolders and about 50 sub folder under the local folder, too.
Many of them are starting with the same letter, which means I’ve to type e.g. the letter E many times until I reach the desired folder.

If you could probably enhance this behaviour to use all subsequent keystrokes instead of a single one, that would be nice!

As an example to find the folder “emClient”, I’m starting with the letter E followed by M, C. Guess those are enough keystrokes now to get straight to the target folder.


Hi again Mike, thank you for the suggestion, unfortunately this is not possible in eM Client at the moment, I’ve discussed the issue with the developers and improvement to the quick selection shortcut should be included in a future update, however no exact date has been set yet.

Thank you,