Move mail to local inbox

I’m migrating to using eM Client from my previous mail solution.
I have 6 mail accounts being checked, and I want to automatically move all mail, regardless of account, to the local inbox, so I only need to view that folder, and then distribute to the appropriate local folder.
I’m no doubt missing something, being new to eM Client but I can’t see how to set a rule to do this?

Thanks for any help…

Are these IMAP or POP accounts ?

Both types of accounts…

Ok I don’t know that (one single rule) can be setup to move all your accounts at the one time to the local folder inbox but I’m sure someone will update this thread if you can.

I would just setup a (separate rule) for each IMAP and POP account via “Menu / Rules” or “Menu / Tools / Rules” to move each account inbox to the local folder inbox.

Remember that when you use the “Move to folder” rule option with an IMAP or POP account inbox, your (other devices inboxes) configured to the same IMAP or POP accounts will disappear as the mail is then gone from the server, and the inbox email will then only be available in eM Client local folder Inbox.

If you want the IMAP or POP email to still be available on your other devices use the “Copy to folder” option instead when setting up the rule.

Lastly suggest as you are moving all your account inboxes to eM Client local folder inbox, backup eM Client regularly either automatically via “Menu / Settings / General / Backup” or manually via “Menu / Backup”.

eM Client Rules blog page

eM Client Rules documentation

You can do this with a Rule like this:

But I am wondering why you want to do that?
You already have the Favourites All Inboxes folder which displays a combined view of all your Inboxes, while keeping the original messages in their respective accounts. You can just select the messages from there.


Thanks for the helpful comments Cyberzork and Gary.
I need to keep all emails locally, and I think the All inboxes smart folder is a smart view of the imap accounts, not local storage?
I frequently need to use email content when offline.
The rule process suggested looks like it will work fine - and yes, it will bet backed up automatically!
Copy is probably a good idea, rather than move - good thought!
My previous system (mailcopa) allowed for pop3 messages to be left on the server for n days, rather than left on server forever or deleted on download - - does em Client support the same?

Again - thanks for the help, much appreciated!

Your best bet then is to setup all your accounts as POP3. The messages will be downloaded and stored locally without the need to use a Rule.

If you go to Menu > Accounts and click on the POP3 tab for an account, you will find the settings to specify if, or for how long, a copy is left on the server.

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Thanks - and good, wasn’t sure if em Client supported that feature! Seems a great program - once you get used to it!