Move mail to folder - Any chance to make this faster?

Hi. I’ve downloaded eM Client yesterday.
I’ve been using Postbox on my computers for years, and Spark on my iPhone.

I manually move every mail I receive to some folder after reading it, and evern when I like everything about eM Client so far, I’m feeling that this process is very time consuming here:
1-Hit de shortcut to move the mail
2- Type the name and way for about 1 sencond until I see any result (is not inmediate)
3- Using keyboarb I have to click tab to go to the results pane.
4- Start opening folders/subfolders until i reach the actual folder

In postbox this process is much faster:
1-Hit de shortcut to move the mail
2- As i starty typing inmediately (no 1 sec delay) I see the folders matching the letters appearing, so after typing I already have me folder listed, hit enter and thats all.
3- In the rare case that there is more than one folder named the same i just picked one of them using arrows keys and enter (no TAB, no openening subfolders)

Spark even has something better, when you hit MOVE TO FOLDER, it automatically lists the suggested folders where you are planning to move the mail, and most of the times is a good suggestion.

I was looking for a replacement for Postbox, but I cant spend that much time doing something as simple as moving a maiil to another folder. Is there any way to do this better that I’m not seeing because I’m new with eM Client?


Set up rules to move the emails to the desired folder and read them in the actual folder… no need to manually move them.

Thanks for the work around, but in my case thats not an option.
I already have rules & filters for some emails, but that doesn’t always work. For example, when you work with the same team in different projects you can’t create a rule to move them. You have to move them manually.
I also like to leave everything that is not yet resolved on my inbox, and only move the mails one they are resolved.
Thanks again for your input.
Still wondering if there is any way to move mails faster.

What I do is setup as many rules as I can in Gmail so that emails are already labeled when I see them in eM. Then I just have to remove the Inbox tag in eM and the email is just there in the Gmail label/folder.

But I’ve noticed a problem that is becoming more and more frequent… eM is not properly syncing changes made on other devices or in the Gmail web…

Thanks for letting me know about the syncing issues, and your workaround to the slow way of moving mails in eM.
As much as i wanted to transition to eM, this definitely keeps me away from that.
I’ll check back in some months to see if there is some improvement…