Move local lolders to the sidebar's top

Hi eM team,

eM client is hands down the best email client for Mac out there, but I still can’t use it: I’d pay a thousand bucks right away (I’m drop dead serious, send me an invoice) if you could introduce the possibility to move the local folders all the way to the top of the sidebar.

For professional reasons I have to admin 30+ email accounts, and for various other reasons they all have to be POP3 and I always archive ALL mails locally and get back a lot to them. Don’t ask why, it’s just the way I have to work. Which means that with eM client I’d have to scroll down past 30+ email accounts in the sidebar to reach the local folders. Fifty. Times. A. Day.

So I am stuck with an old Mac that runs Outlook 2011 (don’t want to use Apple Mail, Thunderbird etc.), and I really have to because of my job. With MS Outlook for Mac this was possible until 2011, then they also abandoned that possibility in the GUI. I kept watching Outlook for the re-introduction of the feature, but it has become even more crappy, so I gave up. By the way: MS Entourage 2004 was the best email client for Mac ever, in case you want to have a look. From there on it was all downhill.

I’d love to switch to eM Client and will be on the lookout for the inclusion of this feature.

If there’s a workaround I didn’t see, feel free to let me know.

Thanks a lot,

You could add the folders to Favorites, which is displayed above the account folders. Just right-click on a Local Folder and choose Add to Favorites. Then it will be displayed right at the top.

You say you are stuck with an old Mac. Just be aware we only officially support the last three MacOS versions, currently Monterey, Ventura and Sonoma, so can’t guarantee eM Client will run on your Mac if you have an older OS.

Hi and thanks, I’ve tried that many times (on a Ventura Mac with eM Version 9.2.2230 (Trial Version), but the “local folders” folder does not stick in the favourites folder - I’m dragging it there like any other item. Am I doing something wrong? Thx.

Well, you can’t add the Local Folders header itself, but you can add any of the system folders, or those you have created yourself.

Thanks, I get it - the problem ist that, at least in my case - the folders do appear in the favourites, but most of them have a structure of subfolders, which is NOT displayed, it’s only the respective top folder. So this is also no use for me. :frowning: