Move licence to new pc

i would like to remove my licence from old laptop & activate my licence on a new laptop
opened a ticket, last update was on the 04/08/20

pls help

Have you looked at the eM Client Knowledge base?

received this reply to support email i sent –

can you please confirm you are still not able to activate your license? I see both seats active in our system. If you want, I can manually deactivate it in the system but I will have to deactivate both seats.

Kind regards,

Kristyna Rysova
eM Client support

i updated my ticket requesting the licences (seats) be deactivated so i can install fresh on new pc, 4 days ago…
Hoped staff would monitor this forum, so progress could be made

All eM Client support staff are not created equally…

Did you try following the instructions in this article?

You should also be able to remove the license from your old computer by going to Menu > Help > License > Deactivate.

license was deactivated before trying to install on new laptop.
still no reply to email sent to em staff.

As Kristyna stated to me in email above - she could manually deactivate both my licenses (Seats)
Awaiting reply from the staff to proceed…

still no reply from em staff -
Ticket open - critical…
hopefully i can get a reply &some progress today…

Important to keep in mind… “All eM Client support staff are not created equally…”

Do you have a favorite eM Client support person?

Sorry, Not something open for discussion.

still no reply to my ticket

ticket has been dealt with…
thank god, licenses reset