Move from Windows to MacOS

Hi, I`m currently switching from Windows to MacOS (M1). I have created a Backup on Windows and wanted to restore this backup on Mac while the error popped up that there is an older version on Mac and thus the restore cannot be processed. So, what should I do to move the eM Client successfully from Win to Mac? How should I treat the version gap? Thanks for help!

Unfortunately you can’t restore a version 9 backup to a version 8 application. That won’t work as the database is not backwards compatible.

You could install the beta 9 version of eM Client for Mac, or wait until version 9 is officially released.
You can find the versions currently available to you in the Release History.

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Thanks Gary, I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

Version 9 was just officially released, so the Release History will have that now.

Works like a charm, many thanks!