Move feature events by drag and drop (recurring events)

Let’s say I have a recurring event with 5 repetitions. I move the second instance by dragging it - is there any way to move that instance and all instances after that (2-5 in this example), while leaving instances before that event (number 1 in this example). Apple’s iCal gives me this options (cancel / move all feature events / only this event), it would be great to be able to do this in eM Client.

I’m evaluation Apples Calendar server for usage in our school, where eM Client would be the client used on Windows. This feature is needed when a teacher moves a lesson… If i open the edit window for the event and change the time, all events are modified, even past events which for us will not work.

I am sorry but it is not possible at the moment. I added it to our list of feature requests.