Mouse scrolling set too coarse in emClient eMail and Contacts Details.

Version: 7.0.26861.0 Having horrible problems in emails. I have reported this and sent a video of the behaviour. I was told a month ago that it has been passed to tech support and heard nothing since on this problem since.

The problem is in the email - the scroll setting for my mouse wheel is much too coarse. When I scroll down it pages down, making it difficult to know what you have read and not yet read. It also does this coarse scrolling in the contacts details.

The settings do not allow you to change it to scroll three lines. Yet the slider on the right of the window does allow you to smoothly scroll down.

I have not had this problem in any other version: 7.0.26687.0 indeed my wife is using that version and it works fine. So I am considering installing that version - hope there won’t be any problems converting back.

Your thoughts would be appreciated. Basically I want to ENABLE smooth scroll. BTW I am on Win 10 and my mouse scroll settings is set to 3 lines and it works perfectly in Browsers such as Firefox and all other applications except emClient. Actually your menus in email scroll three lines at a time so something is set wrong here and doesn’t seem changeable.

Hello Leo,
please try the latest version and see if the issue persists:


Thank you Oliver.  I thought I had the latest version.  Will do.

I have installed 7.0.27804.0 the scroll wheel still pages down rather than scroll a few lines.  I have tried it with a Logitech M510 and a Logitech M305 - exactly the same.  Mouse settings in Windows 10 is [Vertical Scrolling] = 3 lines at a time. As opposed to one screen at a time.

This paging behaviour only happens in emClient and I cannot find any setting to change it.  So back to my original question:

Would I have any problems reverting back to a previous version?  Such as restoring emails and contacts etc?

I agree with other users that the scroll bar is ridiculously thin and difficult to see and use - perhaps reverting back would help with this too.

I do find it weird that no one else is mentioning this problem.

Hello Leo,
we did not manage to replicate your issue either, the smooth scroll works as designed.
If you’d prefer downgrading, you can uninstall version 7 and download version 6 from our website.
The thin scroll bars have been resolved by adding the old-style scroll bars to Classic and System themes.

With the data it depends - if you kept your old database files v6 will pair up with them.
If you do not have POP accounts or Local data you can just set up your accounts anew and eM Client will synchronize to the server data.
If not, you will need to export your local data first before uninstalling and then import these files after you install version 6 again.


Okay a more extensive test:  with the mouse wheel properties setting set to ‘one’ (line at a time) em Client scrolls 7 lines of an email - with it set to ‘two’ em Client scrolls 15 lines at a time and with it set to 3 em Client scrolls 22 lines of the email per scroll.

Whereas it scrolls correctly with each of these setting in em Client’s Mail folder view.  Set to 1 it scrolls one line - set to 2 it scrolls 2 lines etc.

Hello Leo,
I see that you are solving this issue with our PRO support - that’s great as they can address your issue quicker and more in-depth.
Since your issue seems to be a stand-alone problem I suggest you cooperate with the PRO support as they already have more information about your situation than I could get here on the forum.
Thank you for the cooperation.


Yes thanks Oliver.  I have just sent David a video of the behaviour.  Many thanks.



I am new user to eM Client and am having the same issue with the scrolling. It makes it very difficult to read messages on my laptop.  Was Leo’s issue resolved? I am using version 7.0.27943.0

Thank you,



I am checking in regarding this issue. Is there no way to fix this coarseness of the scrolling? It makes it very difficult to navigate conversations.

Leo – were you able to get a resolution here?

I’m experiencing the same thing, and it makes things almost unusable.