Mouse scroll stops suddenly

When I scroll through my emails suddenly it stops scrolling. As if the wheel suddenly doesn’t work. I had this problem like always. First I thought a bug will be fixed, after a while I thought maybe some computer problem. After a re install the problem was still there. I thought maybe it’s my mouse although I only encounter this in EMclient (version 8 and completely updated)

Well I got a new mouse and still this problem excists. I scroll through my email. activate an mail. Go further through the list and suddenly scrolling stops. The only way to get it scrolling again is to manually move the scrollbar with my mousepointer and then I can scroll again.

I have read through some topics but those problems aren’t simmilar to mine. So I decided after years of annoyment to make this topic.

Is there anything I can do to solve this problem?

(I had this problem on windows 10, now using windows 11. I had it in previous versions of EM client, and it is completely updated. It was like always there