Most emails now going to Junk Folder?

Everything was fine until the most recent update. Now emails from people, that were never a problem before, are going into my Junk Folder. I have tried right clicking on them in the junk folder and sending them to the inbox and remove blacklisting, but that does not resolve it. What’s going on?

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Can you check your rules/spam settings in your webmail? Which email provider are you using?

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I am with Shaw. I never go to my Shaw account and make any changes, so if it is happening there, then they made some changes and didn’t tell us, which I really doubt would happen. The ONLY thing that has changed is I updated eMClient.

Do ANY of your eMClient RULES send incoming emails to the JUNK folder?

I tried to find eMClient “Rules” but have no idea where they are located in the settings. I have always had it set to send junk mail to the junk folder, and it always worked very well. With this last update it is now sending almost every email to the junk folder, when before it may have been 1 or 2 % and they were usually right.


We get it… it worked before the v8.0.3383.0 update…
We keep asking questions to try and pin it down… there is no magic wand we can wave to make it work to your liking… everyone helping you come with different knowledge levels…

Thank you . . . . I was looking for the Rules under Settings. Here’s a screen shot of what my Rules say

What should I do to them? I have never set any of these, but I have blacklisted many spam emails.

Do both rules send emails to Junk folder?
Since we cant see what conditions are set, uncheck the SPAM rule and see if that lets your emails thru

Open the Blacklist rule and make sure the conditions look like it is what YOU entered.

I can only assume that both Rules send emails to the junk folder, as most emails are ending up there. The Spam filter will not let me open it up to see anything in it. It just says “cannot edit a rule that hasn’t been composed in the wizard” whatever that means?

If I look in the Blacklist, it just lists all the all the email addresses I have manually blacklisted.

If I uncheck the Spam filter, than I am going to get spam/junk emails.

OK my friend… I give up… you do what makes you ‘comfortable’.
If YOU resolve this let us know…

Perhaps this will help you… or not.

Wow, I cannot for the life of me understand why you are getting so upset with me on this. So I do not understand all this stuff, but I have done nothing (intentionally) to make you upset. I simply want to understand why the latest update has changed how my junk emails are being identified, when I have done absolutely nothing to change anything. I am now getting emails from close friends that would never have gone into the junk folder prior to this update. I guess my only option is to disable the spam filter in eMClient and live with it, or move to another email client. FWIW worth, I have been using eMClient for many years and really have never had any issues until now. You are correct, that link does not help me at all, mostly because I do not fully understand what they are saying.

I was reacting to “If I uncheck the Spam filter, than I am going to get spam/junk emails.”… not that you would try it.

Now you say " I am now getting emails from close friends that would never have gone into the junk folder prior to this update.". Does this mean you unchecked the Spam filter??? Perhaps you can answer that ONLY…

I give up. Sunriseal, you need to go to some counselling or anger management classes. This is just a stupid email program. No need to take things so seriously!!

I don 't… I guess the last question was too difficult. Enjoy…

Hi Tim, Can you check the emails and domains listed in the “Blacklist”? You might have accidentally added an entire domain (,, to the blacklist.

Thank you Hope777. I have been having the same issue with only one domain, but after checking the Blacklist I found it was on there. Wahoo, I am so pleased.

Awhile back I just removed everything in my “rules” section and started over again. It all seems fine now.

I was having a colleague’s emails going to Junk – turns out my Gmail account itself was sending it to “spam.” I had to pull up my Gmail on a web page and create a rule permanently stopping it from sending his emails to Spam. I’m sure eMClient was just following GMail’s actions. Here’s a link on how to stop Gmail from sending your friends to Spam… you can create rules for a specific email address, preventing you from getting spammed by everybody else:

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